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The Mugello Area

Hotel dei Vicari

Mugello's Territory

A pearl set in a region rich in history, art and culture.

This is how the Mugello area can be defined as happily immersed in the gentle design of the Tuscan hills. The area straddles the Apennine watershed and presents incredibly different environments and landscape aspects ranging from the harsh beauty of the highest areas to the hundred villages of the Sieve valley.

A varied territory, largely uncontaminated, rich in history, culture and artistic testimonies. Here you can find traces of a history worthy of a great European capital.

It is enough to remember some noble medieval families “Guidi and Ubaldini” who soon entered into competition with the municipality of Florence which was expanding and wanted to build “new lands” (one of this will, in fact, be Scarperia). World-renowned artists such as Giotto, Beato Angelico, Andrea del Castagno were born and developed their talent here.
The Medici family originated here and left many signs in the area demonstrating the link that existed between political and territorial expansion and forms of artistic expression.

In this sense, Scarperia summarizes all of this within itself: direct evidence of this is structures of great charm and impact such as the Palazzo dei Vicari and the great artistic-craft tradition which, since the 15th century, thanks also to the Giogo road which passed right through the town of the time, he made the new Medici land founded on the “die octo” of 1306 famous throughout the world: that of blades and knives.

A tradition that continues thanks to the skill of the local cutlers and which is enhanced on the occasion of the Exhibition Market of cutting irons (first fortnight of June) and the events between the districts for the Palio (August-September) also characterized by an extraordinary costume re-enactment of the ‘Renaissance Day’ in which over 500 people in costume participate.

The relationship between tradition and progress is completed with the presence in the area of sports facilities of international importance: the Mugello Autodrome is flanked, in fact, by Lake Bilancino, home to national sailing and rowing events , the 18 holes of the “Poggio dei Medici” Golf Club already home to the Ladies European Tour, a constituent element of a possible “sport valley” given that in just a few kilometers of territory there are facilities of great charm, which they go well with the vocation of the territory.

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