Hotel dei Vicari

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Art and culture

Founded in 1306 by the Florentine Republic, it gained importance thanks to its strategic position and became the seat of the Vicariate in 1415 from whose palace the Hotel takes its name.

The Mugello Circuit

Before the roar of the First World War resounded in the air, the legendary Mugello race on a road circuit was born: an epic challenge along 66 km, from Scarperia through the evocative landscapes of Firenzuola to the majestic Passo della Futa, and then returning in Scarperia.

Typical cuisine
Taste Mugello

In the heart of Mugello, the culinary tradition reveals itself to be a true treasure of authentic and genuine flavours, handed down over time with love and dedication.

The gastronomic roots of this land date back to the Middle Ages, when simple but tasty cuisine was the emblem of well-being.